The Firm has a consolidated and profitable collaboration with other professional realities, characterized by a common approach and expertise in different legal and economic sectors, at national and international level.



Carmini Avvocati Associati founded, together with other firms, Responsa Legal Network, a team of professionals created to develop, in a synergetic way, its members’ mutual expertise and skills.

The following firms are also part of Responsa:


FTCC Studio Legale Associato

Industrial law (trademarks protection and copyrights), advertising and competition law.


Studio Villani

Labour law and real estate law.



Carmini law firm also joins the following national and international networks:

Partner 24

It is the exclusive professional network of the 24 Ore Group, which allows accountants, through a wide network of certified contacts, to offer their clients services beyond their specific competence, putting them in contact with highly specialized companies and professional firms.

Carmini Avvocati Associati participates in the network as a reference Business Partner in the region of Lombardy.


IR Global

Multidisciplinary network of professional services providing legal, accounting and financial advice worldwide.


I.B.A. (International Bar Association)

A renowned worldwide organization of legal professionals, it is a key player in the evolution of international legislative frameworks and contributes to shaping the future of the legal profession worldwide.


I.F.A. (International Fiscal Association)

International organisation bringing together both professionals and public administration officials in order to promote the study of international and comparative tax law and the financial and economic aspects of taxation.



Italian association of non-executive and independent directors, aimed at spreading the culture of good corporate governance as the main element of the solidity and competitiveness of companies.



The following firms are also part of the network of Carmini Avvocati Associati:


Dalla Vedova Law Firm

Corporate law, private equity, information technology, particularly in the international area.


Todarello & Partners Studio Legale Associato

Administrative and real estate law.


Studio Lazzati Rizzi

Accounting and tax consulting.


Studio Priori

Corporate and financial consulting.