The Firm

The Firm was founded in 1999 by Stefano Carmini, and operates in network with other partners specialized in various fields of law and economy.

Among the Firm’s clients are companies of different dimensions (start-ups, SMEs and industrial groups), as well as business-oriented families.

The Firm’s purpose is providing clients with tailor-made solutions and customized, multidisciplinary and high-quality advisory.

In order to strengthen the professional relationship with each of its client, the Firm bases ts activity on some fundamental values: maximum accuracy to the service quality, tailor-made solutions for the needs of any single client, and warranty of inter-personal stability in the management of the professional relationship.

The Firm provides companies with technical support for launching, managing and developing their business, and for achieving their targets, both in the domestic market and in the international context.

To business-oriented families, the Firm’s offers full range of advisory services on planning, managing and protecting their heritage, in particular on the choice of governance solutions for familiar dynamics and generational transitions.

The Founder

Stefano Carmini has built up his professional carrier in the fields of tax and corporate law, gaining wide experience in consultancy, contracts, M&A and commercial and tax litigation.

In addition to various academic publications, teaching assignment at University of Trento and steady lecturer activity at conventions, Stefano Carmini’s professional experience includes several appointments as member of boards of statutory auditors of Italian and multinational companies.


For the Firm the trust between clients and professionals is a goal to be achieved and maintained every day, therefore it is focused to offer maximum reliability and professional attention and care to the special needs of its clients, by involving other law firms connected in Network if necessary, both in an integrated manner and for a specific exigence of the single practice.

The firm uses to adapt his fees to peculiarity of each individual case, taking into account not only the time devoted, the value of legal case and the professionals involved, but also the relationship established with the client.